Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raz- B Caims Sexual Abuse Against Marques Houston

Singer and Ex- B2k member Raz-B has dropped allegations that singer Marques Houston (IMX) sexually molested him when he was a teen.  In what appears to be a taped conversation with Marques Houston , Raz clearly states that 
"At the age of thirteen he and Houston shared sexual relations". 
We can't be quite sure if the voice on the receiving end is in fact Marques, but we're interested into seeing what he has to say in regards to these claims.
Raz- B has been known to do crazy things to garner attention remember these NUDE photos he released of himself not to long ago?


Unknown said...

OMG R u seirous.... Sexually assulted or sexual relations. So Marcus Houston is bi or what? I need ansers and I need them now


Jadon Lontae said...

Well if he was 13 when this happened it would have been sexual abuse. But from what it appears it sounds like Marques Houston was knocking back those cakes..


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