Friday, December 17, 2010

Album Review- Keyshia Cole Calling All Hearts

After leaving the scene for a while Keyshia Cole is back with a new album
and she is "Calling All Hearts".

R&B singer Keyshia Cole hasn't released an album in a little over 2 years but after finding love and adding motherhood to her list of many accomplishments, the talented singer/songwriter is back with a purpose.  The albums 11 tracks showcase Keyshia doing only as she can from the production, to the depth of her vocal the album brings a perfect close to the year.

"Calling All Hearts" opens with the the lead single "I Aint Thru" ft. Nicki Minaj.  Keyshia herself premiered this song on twitter and instantly fans were torn with emotion regarding the single.  A lot of fans didn't believe the song lived up to her reputation as a singer or songwriter and in comparison to the remainder of the album the song does come across underwhelming.  There isn't much you can do with a song like this visually or vocally.  Another anthem for the ladies and some of you fellas to bounce to but neither timeless or lead single worthy.

From the passion and the lyrical content of the follow up single "Long Way Down" you knew instantly that Cole was in her element.  Unlike the lead single this song holds a solid foundation from the very first vocal to the way Keyshia's voice soars through the smooth chords in the track. The Tank assisted "Tired of Doing Me" is the type of duet R&B music has been missing for quite sometime.  There voices compliment each other in the most amazing way, its not overly produced and watered down. This song makes me happy.

"If I fall in Love Again" ft Faith Evans is a decent track but nothing absolutely major. The song is worthy because faith is one of the few female R&B singers who has always been solid but her and Keyshia both have husky tones to their voice which eventually almost collide on the track.  I'm not sure if they thought about that.

"Better Me" is a perfect indication of how in love Keyshia is.  In the song she confesses that his love makes her want to be better, and feel loved.  The conviction of the vocal is deep you can hear every emotion .I feel this joint it's one for the hopeless romantics.

Where it gets tricky for me is that every song there after almost seems to perfectly flow with the theme of the album.  To be honest I haven't heard an album that has been this solid since Monica released "Still Standing" earlier in the year.   There is a lot to say about an artist who knows exactly what works for them, and who can showcase that artistry effortlessly.  

However My concern is that the album doesn't have any noticeable songs that are single material.  It's  full of beautiful well placed slow jams, but none are radio friendly as some of her previous cuts.  (I hear some remixes in the making).

Regardless Love has certainly done Keyshia well.  Her music is mature and her lyrical content is strong but then again have we ever been able to hold that against her?  Even if this album doesn't do well commercially Keyshia can rest assured that she put out a solid album that was meaningful to the woman she has become. 

Other Standout Tracks
(Sometimes, Thank You ft. Yvonne Cole, Take Me Away)
The Jadon Files Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


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