Sunday, December 26, 2010

R&B Singer Teena Marie Dead at 54

What appeared to be just another twitter hoax has sadly become reality.  R&B singer Teena Marie has been found dead at the tender age of 54.  The late singer is known for her hit singles "Lovergirl" and "Fire and Desire" the electrifying duet with the late Rick James.  It is unknown what caused this sudden tragedy but it appears that Teena died peacefully in her sleep.  What ever the cause may be this is a major heartache for R&B music lovers around the world, Teena Marie was a innovator and true diva of her time, she will be greatly missed. Our condolence is with her family through their time of grieving.

My favorite Teena Marie song was "If I Were A Bell" please enjoy and remember Teena for the beautiful voice she allowed us the pleasure of hearing. She was definitely a bell!

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