Monday, February 28, 2011

Album Promo// Britney Spears

 The Bitch Is Back And Better Than Ever!!!!
Femme Fatale in stores March 29th.

New Video: Born This Way by Lady GaGa

The visual for Lady GaGa's record breaking single "Born This Way" made its official debut just minutes ago.   I don't even know where to begin once again GaGaloo has taken what could have been a major moment in pop-music and just went completely left with her approach.  I can't deal with her giving birth in this video.  I understand her concept and respect her artistry but DAMN sometimes less is more.

New Music ♫: 21st Century Girl by Willow Smith

Willow Smith's "21st Century Girl" made its radio debut not long ago and the internet is already buzzing once again about the pint sized entertainer.  Willow is proving to be more than a one hit wonder with this electrifying dance track.  She is surely on her way to becoming the new face of pop music.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Video: Where You At by Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson releases the video for her lead single "Where You At" lifted from her long awaited sophomore album "I Remember Me" in stores March 22nd.   Jennifer looks Fab in this simple video and proves that sometimes less is definitely more.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rihanna Performs At The NBA All-Star Game

Pop Goddess Rihanna hit the stage at the NBA All-Star game tonight and performed a medley of her hits.  The sexy- songstress has up'd her stage presence yet her poor voice isn't standing the test of time.  Needless to say this wasn't one of her best showings vocally  but somehow she pushed through and found some much needed energy throughout her dance routine and for that I'm content..  Hopefully her label will stop milking her soon and allow her some time to rest Rihanna has been goign non stop since she Pon'd-De-Replay

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Video: All Of The Lights by Kanye West ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

The infamous Kanye West has released the visual for his single "All of The Lights" ft. Rihanna & Kid Cudi.  Kanye rarely disappoints with his videos and this video is no exception.  Its nothing ground breaking buts its far from a dud.  Bright Colors R Back!! Yay!

Side Note: Rihanna Looks  AHMAZING!

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Video: I Cant Make You Love Me by Tank

If you don't have Tanks new album "Now or Never " shame on you.  This album may very well be one of the best male R&B releases since Usher released Confessions.   Tank who is most popular for the many songs he has written for artist proves that he is more than just pen and paper.  The cover of Bonnie Raitt's hit song "I Cant Make You Love Me" is quite simply one of the best cover renditions of a song ever. Tanks voice is like butter on warm bread. Smooth!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Video: Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears

Moments Ago Britney Spears Debuted her long awaited music video for her hit single "Hold It Against Me".  The video directed by Jonas Akerlund takes a more behind the scenes approach while a dancing  Britney battles herself, splashing paint across the visuals of her previous hits clearly stating the only person she has to battle to the top is herself.  Britney's highly anticipated new album "Femme Fatale" will hit stores everywhere March 29th.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jennifer Hudson Performs on Ellen

Jennifer Hudson is wasting no time promoting her new single "Where You At".  The R&B Diva stopped by The Ellen Degeneres show to perform her new single and also sit down for a interview discussing her recent weight lose triumph.   Jennifer surely looks like a diva these days showing off her beautiful legs in a cropped leather mini dress. GO GET EM GIRL!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adele Performs 'Someone Like You' at Brit Awards

Adele hit the stage moments ago at the Brit Awards and delivered a nearly flawless rendition of her hit single "Someone Like You".  Adele has been making quite the splash over in London breaking records with her new album '21" which will hit stores in the U.S on Feb 22nd.

Side Note:This is what a great vocal performance sounds like. Notes should be taken.

New Video: Love Faces by Trey Songz

Trey Songz releases the visual for his third single "Love Faces" lifted from his Passion, Pain, & Pleasure album in stores now.   This is the typical video that I have come to expect from Trey,  nothing ground breaking but the ending has a nice little twist.  Just not sure the time it takes to get there would be time well spent.

Rihanna Performs Medley at Brit Awards

Pop Star Rihanna hit the stage at the Brit Awards and performed a live set of her recent hits.  The medley consisted of  "Only Girl", "Whats My Name" as well as her current single "S&M".   Unfortunately not all things have a great outcome it seems as if the pop-goddess is either exhausted or just doesn't care.  This has to be one of  her worse live performances ever.  Get it together RiRi. I have my eye on you..

Brit Awards 2011: Red Carpet

The Brit Awards are underway in London and we have the first look at some of your favorite celebs  strutting their stuff down the red carpet before entering the glamorous affair.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Album Art// Chris Brown//F.A.M.E

Chris Brown gets Colorful and Artistic for the album cover of his upcoming release "F.A.M.E" in stores everywhere March 22nd. INTERESTING!!

New Music ♫: Fall In Love With RichGirl Mixtape by RichGirl

RichGirl wants to help set your Valentines Day mood right with their first Mixtape release "Fall In Love With RichGirl".  The girls have released a series of singles but have yet to get a full length album release since hitting the scene.  Maybe some positive feedback on this project will act as a jump start.

New Music ♫: Un-Invited Guest Mixtape by Kevin McCall

 Kevin McCall is ready to make a name for himself as he tries to secure a spot  with his official Mixtape release "Un-Invited Guest".  Still soaking up the success from his feature on "Deuces" and a Grammy nomination under his belt we are sure this wont be the last we here from the rising star.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy Awards 2011 Performances

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards are currently on and I'll be updating
the performance videos as they come along....

The Grammy Awards 2011 Red Carpet Arrivals

The 53rd Annual Grammy's is underway and the celebrities have began to hit the red carpet.  We will be there every step of the way with updates to fill your need to be in the know. Stay Tuned!!

Chris Brown Performs on Saturday Night Live

Chris Brown performed his latest single "Yeah 3x" on Saturday Night Live.  This would mark Chris Browns first live televised performance from his own catalog of music in two years.  Expect to see a lot more of the star in the coming months since the restraining order between him and Rihanna has been demolished which will allow the star the opportunity to attend more events. Glad to see Chris back at work and finally getting a chance to showcase his fancy footwork

"Yeah 3x"

"No Bullshit"

Hot Shots: Grammy Weekend // The Divas Come Out

Last Night the Legendary Clive Davis held his Pre-Grammy Party and all the divas came out to support the luxurious event.  Check out some of your favorite stars hitting the red carpet

Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Ciara, Monica, Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland and more were in attendance..

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Music ♫: Born This Way by Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa officially releases the song  "Born This Way" from her new album of the same title in stores this May.  Unless you've lived under rock you  already know how much hype this song has been getting amongst fans, and producers of the album.  

Unfortunately the song doesn't live up to the incredible hype.  I expected a lot more from a song that is suppose to be so "Revolutionary". GaGa  is proving to be nothing more than a one trick pony.  Unfortunately the kids would eat the garbage right up.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trey Songz Performs on Wendy Williams

Trey Songz pulled out his Sunday's best for a taping on the Wendy Williams show. The R&B singer sat down for an interview and performed his latest single "Love Faces". 

Jennifer Hudson Performs on Oprah

Jennifer Hudson sat down with Oprah to talk about her life and moving on after the tragic event she faced when her family was murdered two years ago.  The singer also gushed about her new album "I Remember Me" and performed the lead single "Where You At".  Jennifer's powerful vocal soared through the room and she looked like a million bucks.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Music ♫: She Flows Through My Veins by Jagged Edge

Its been a while since we've seen Jagged Edge on the scene but the R&B group is back in the swing of things with a new single "She Flows Through My Veins" a ballad about the woman or women of their dreams.  Jagged Edge will release their new album "The Remedy" later this yr.

Download- Jagged Edge-She Flows Through My Veins

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Album Art// Jennifer Hudson// I Remember Me

Jennifer Hudson Unveils the artwork for her highly anticipated album 
"I Remember Me".  The star previously planned on releasing the artwork on Oprah Feb 10th but had a sudden change of heart.  Jennifer looks absolutely gorgeous the new found confidence is showing itself off Beautifully!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Music ♫: A Tell Tale Heart Mixtape by Dawn Richards

Today Dawn Richards formerly of the group "Danity Kane" releases her anticipated mixtape " A Tell Tale Heart" .  The singer/songwriter who currently performs as one-third of Diddy's "Dirty Money" showcases her talents on this solo project effortlessly.  Dawn is one of the best writers in the industry today and her voice is equally as gifted.

Christina Aguilera Performs National Anthem at Super Bowl

Christina Aguilera took to the stage and performed the "National Anthem" at Super Bowl XLV.  Although we must commend her, for singing the anthem live which in all honesty not many artist has the performance  left fans asking why the pop starlet didn't go with a pre-recorded version?  Christina Aguilera has always been one of the most prominent vocalist of today's cataloge of famale entertainers but over the last few years has fallen from her former glory.  It seems as if the voice that once was is no longer , her once natural vocal ability has become strained and over calculated.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Video: Come N' Fuk With Me Teaser by Omarion

After a sudden departure from "Young Money" and a lukewarm album Omarion is ready to step back into the spotlight and claim the spot he once held so effortlessly.  O' has done a remake of Jodeci's song "Come And Talk To Me".   Lets just hope he ups his game because music has went such a long way since he released  successful album

Side Note- Nice job But I prefer the Original less vulgar version

New Video: S&M by Rihanna

As promised Princess Rihanna has released the video for her single "S&M".  The Melina directed video serves as the 3rd official release from the Pop Star's new album "Loud" and see's her getting naughty, while taking a jab at the media who joyfully loves to come for her talents or lack thereof.  Either way the video is cute, fun, flirty, and executes her message across well.  She just don't give a fuck!


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