Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Album Review - Chris Brown F.A.M.E

It's been a little under two yrs since Chris Brown released his last studio album "Graffiti" a few mixtapes later and a revamp of his image Breezy is back with a brand new attitude and album to follow. 

Its been a hard rise back to the top for the Pop/R&B star.  After a very public domestic violence case against then girlfriend pop superstar Rihanna many feared Brown's stint was over and that he had sent his once booming music career down the drain.  They couldn't have been more wrong Chris has proved that hard work and perseverance pays off.

F.A.M.E (FORGIVING ALL MY ENEMIES) could easily go down in history as Chris Browns most accomplished effort.  There has to be something about music when it stands out for itself and instantly grabs your attention.  Brown is either making you dance, fall in love, or want to make love.   The album is a perfect combination of both sides of who he is as an entertainer.

"Look at Me Now"  the first single from the album is an instant banger.  The beat goes so beyond hard and showcases Chris outside of his typical boyish vocals giving us a smooth and quick flow.   The standout on this song however has to be the feature by Busta Rhymes who completely ripped the lining out of this song. This  will be on heavy rotation in just about every club through the remainder of the yr.

Sampling SWV's classic hit single " Right Here" or Michael Jackson's "Human Nature"  the song "She ain't You"  is a pleasant listen.  First lets say the old school vibe has summer written all over it and second It's clear Chris is still singing about Rihanna wishing she was still around and how no other chick compares (Are You Surprised)?  Nonetheless I'm still pleased with the joint heartbreak has given the star some of biggest hits.  Rihanna will forever be his muse. And any chick who dares to date him is skating on thin ice waiting to break through for the moment he runs back to RiRi! Its Destined

"Next 2 You" ft. Justin Bieber  if released will be one of their biggest hits.  The two singers star power alone is enough to make this song push massive sales but the song equally stands out.   Justin and Chris somehow blend pleasantly well on this track.  In fact their voices layered on top of each other make both of their voices sound much more mature.  Chris showcases great passion on this song.   I smell a hit!!

Sex Moments

"Beg for it"  is a great song to put on when trying to set the mood.  Chris needs to give whoever did the background vocals on this song his life.   The background vocals on this song are so ahmazing, I could listen all day .  This song makes "Take you Down" look sound so weak in comparison.  Chris does some very good runs and riffs on this song.  A+

"Wet the Bed" ft Ludacris makes "Beg for it" even sound amateur in comparison.  Chris vows to make his lady friend wet the bed when he lays it down on her.  Hell all she would have to do is play the song alone and she would have a moment.  The song instantly makes you want to get naked and get your cut on. Ludacris doesn't disappoint with his typical verse, solid once again but nothing different but don't try to fix whats not broke.

So So Moments
"Say it With Me" & "Beautiful People" both decent songs which fall along the Pop side of Chris the album!

Over all the album is great unfortunately I would be sitting here all night If I  write a review all 17 tracks (not gonna happen).   As a whole the album is rock solid Chris Brown is back he had something to prove, and he accomplished it.  He knows what works for him and he isn't afraid to take chances.   I could have done without the pop sings on this one because quite frankly the R&B joints are so strong they fail to meet up. I've never been a groupie over Chris or his albums but I will likely place this one until the wheels fall off. 

Other Standout Tracks
(Bomb ft Wiz Khalifa, Should've Kissed You, All Back)
The Jadon Files Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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