Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rihanna Performs at Academy of Country Music Awards

Pop superstar Rihanna hit the Academy of Country Music Awards tonight and performed her latest single "California King Bed" with Sugarlands leading lady Jennifer Nettles.   

Before I critique the performance let me first go on record and say that when I first heard this song months ago I told many friend who can vouch that if Rihanna gave this song to a country audience it would be one of the smartest moves of her career and now my words have manifested (GO ME) Not only is the song  lyrically beautiful the delivery of the record may very well be Rihanna's best work. 

With that said Rihanna and her team of handlers are great at marketing and handling business a task that some of these other artist need to take heed to.  The performance started off a little rocky  yet I can't place the blame on Rihanna there was many technical issues with the sound of her mic and so on.  Both ladies held their own,  in their own right. The song should surely be recorded as a duet.

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