Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Album Review- Beyonce '4'

  After managing to find success in genres of music that nobody expected, King Bee is back with new album '4' that returns to her R&B roots. 

Beyonce has come full circle the growth in her music & vocal delivery is more present than ever.  Taking some much needed time off  to find herself as an artist has catapulted the superstar performer into a lane of her own as if she needed to set herself any further from her female counterparts struggling to keep up.  

The best thing about being a artist/entertainer is knowing what works for you , and the knowledge of balancing it out.  There is no doubt that Beyonce will go down in history as one of the top female vocalist and live performers that ever graced the stage, and if anyone dares to disagree her latest effort is proof that she is nothing short of perfection.

Standout Tracks

"1+1" - Written and produced by 'The Dream' is an emotional ballad that finally allows Beyonce to let her hair down.  When I first listened to this song I fell instantly in love.  The vocals are so hunting and the delivery of her runs and modulations made this song an instant classic.  Beyonce wears love well!

"Miss You"-  This song will likely get the most play from me out of the entire album.  I didn't possibly think she could top '1+1' but obviously I was wrong and I'm kicking myself for it.  When I heard Frank Ocean penned the track I should have known it was destined for greatness. The lyrical content matches Beyonce's husky vocal effortlessly such a beautiful marriage.  Timeless!!

"Best Thing I Never Had"-  The second single from the album, is also known as the 'Irreplaceable' of the album.  But of course it wouldn't be in typical fashion of the queen is she didn't have one of these songs on the record.  Lets be honest this is what she does best.  The song standouts for so many reasons but what I love about it the most is the versatility.   You don't have to be a female to feel what this song is about and that's refreshing..

"Countdown"-  This is my jam!!  After hearing this song I just can't imagine why she released 'Run The World' (Girls), as the first single.  This song is so strong the breakdown during the countdown is infectious. The song screams summer through and through.  Takes me back to my Destiny's Child days.  The girl I fell in love with, the Bee I truly love.  BOMB.COM/ORG/NET!!!

"End of Time"-  This was rumored to be the second single.  Although it didn't happen I wouldn't have minded it.  I love the arrangement and I dig the staccato vocal delivery.  This is that fast paced vocal pattern that Destiny Child became known for.  The African influence and mixture of sounds is so legit.  Nobody meshes sounds as well as Beyonce.
Other standout tracks include 
(Start Over, Love on Top, Party)

So So Moments

"Run The World (Girls)-  The first single from the album which samples Major Lazer 'Pon De Floor' will always be one of those songs I will blast going 100 on the freeway.  There is something about the way the song makes you feel that dares you to be bold.  Unfortunately the rest of the album is just so much more advanced that the song ends up the black sheep.

"Rather Die Young" -  Beautiful song.  I love the throwback to 70's and 80's music.  The vocal pattern really takes you to the days where music just sat in your soul.  The chorus has that Glady's feel to it.  Makes me some kinda way.  The ooohh's remind me of her classic 'Dangerously In love' album.

"I was Here"-  Passion. Passion. Passion..   Beyonce wants us to know that she has left her mark and that she gave her all..  Listening to it you absolutely get the feeling that through Beyonce's perspective her Destiny has truly been Fulfilled. 

Final Thoughts

Purchasing this album would surely be money well spent.  It's so heartbreaking to see however that the album leaked three weeks ahead of release. I'm sure Beyonce has some tricks up her sleeve, and a promotional tour planned that will rival all.  The record in my opinion is timeless and shows the most growth from Bee throughout her entire career. I've learned to never count Beyonce out!!!

The Jadon Files Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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Anonymous said...

Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls together. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!! Both of their fans love it


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