Thursday, July 21, 2011

BET To Honor Aaliyah With Tribute Special

Earlier today B.E.T released an official statement that there will be an  'Aaliyah Tribute' on the network next month.  August 25th' 2011 will mark the 10-yr anniversary since Aaliyah and members of her crew perished in a tragic plane crash leaving the Bahamas.  The singer was in route after shooting her final music video for her hit single 'Rock The Boat'.

I can still remember the moment that I heard Aaliyah had passed away , and the emotion that ran over me as a longtime fan, nearly 10 yrs later it's still hard to fathom that she is no longer with us.  Thankfully her legacy lives on with timeless music and an impeccable image that reminds us of the immense talent that once was.

Lets hope that B.E.T who is known for ruining what could be great moments, get this one right.  There is only one way to honor a woman of Aaliyah's caliber and that is with CLASS!!!

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