Friday, December 23, 2011

New Video: 'You Da One' by Rihanna

Check out the video for Pop Superstar Rihanna's new single 'You Da One' from her new album 'Talk That Talk' in stores now.  The video was directed by Melina who has become Rihanna's go to director.  Although the video isn't as visually pleasing as her previous single I'm sure it will help boost the sales and land her another #1 single.

Sidenote-  I would love to see Rihanna dance a little in a video sometime in the new furture.  You can only have so many videos doing the same old shit before it gets boring. Of course she isn't the best dancer but the dance doesn't have to be spectacular, is she that busy that she cant learn a simple 8 count?  Regardless the song is everything and then sum!!

1 comment:

Donté. said...

Agreed. A good choreographer and a little rhythm goes a long way.


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