Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Video: 'Pound The Alarm' by Nicki Minaj

Check out the latest video 'Pound The Alarm,' the latest single from rappop singer Nicki Minaj from her platinum selling album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reload.'

A awkward moment here, and an awkward moment there and Nicki Minaj has once again delivered a video that relies solely on studio magic.  The song is fun and bright so I expected much more from the visual, but hey Onika is a busy girl with tour and all so who has time to learn a few 8 counts. Right?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watch: Brandy Performs 'Put It Down' Live

R&B veteran Brandy performed her new single 'Put It Down' for the first time and we have the video of her wowing the crowd.

I'm absolutely loving Brandy's new found confidence.  She has always been known for her smooth vocal, but lately B-Rocka has really stepped her performance level up.  I wasn't expecting her to put on such a show.  Get it girl!!

New Video: 'Spirit Indestructible' by Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado will release her new album 'Spirit Indestructible' this September, but until then we are left with her new single of the same title.

Nelly has always been a free spirit.  Her unique sound and ability to create effortless material is what sets her apart from her female counterparts.  The video is beautiful  and I'm excited that Nelly has returned to her roots.  I loved I'm Like a Bird and this takes me back!!

New Video: 'Let Me Love You' (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) by Neyo

R&B singer Neyo revealed he will release his new album 'R.E.D' this September accompanied with the second single/video titled 'Let Me Love You'. 

 Judging by the single and video Neyo is definitely trying to tap into the euro-pop sound, although he promises 'Red' will explore his naughty side.  I must admit the song has serious hit potential and visually the video is a perfect fit. 

Sidenote: Neyo has never looked better!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Music ♫: 'Demonstrate' by JoJo

Yes! JoJo just released a new song called 'Demonstrate' and it's everything.  The song was produced by Noah "40' Shebib who is better known for the masterpieces he has created with Rapper Drake.

Go in.. This shit is sexy!!

Demonstrate is pure excellence, from the vocals right down to the production.  JoJo is such an underrated young talent and it makes us want to cry when we know she is capable of material this strong.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Video: 'You Got Me' by Keke Palmer (Ft. Kevin McCall)

Keke Palmer isn't the little girl that we once knew and she proves that with her new video for the single 'You Got Me' ft. Kevin McCall. 

 I actually heard the song a few weeks ago and quickly fell in love.  Keke is a great singer and she has the potential to make quite the splash with a solid team of professionals behind her.  The video is nothing special, but it gets the job done by introducing a more mature Keke.

Watch: Frank Ocean Performs 'Bad Religion' On Jimmy Fallon

Frank Ocean not only released his album 'Channel Orange' tonight, but the singer also made his television debut on Jimmy Fallon.  The recently self-outed singer performed my favorite song from  record titled 'Bad Religion.'

Album Review- Frank Ocean ' Channel Orange'

R&B singer/songwriter Frank Ocean made many waves recently regarding his personal life, but despite has managed to come full circle in just a short time bringing his music back to the forefront.  

Frank has become known in the industry for his smooth R&B records and for working with some industry heavy-weights like Kanye West & Beyonce.  However, its now his time to shine as he takes you on a magical roller coaster ride of perfectly written love songs that complete 'Channel Orange.'

Standout Tracks

'Bad Religion'- Once I reached this song I had to replay it several times.  Bad Religion is simply one of those records that gives you chills.  The smoothness of the record showcases Franks true essence as an artist.  Franks sings about his love for an unknown man saying "I can never make him love me, its a bad religion to love someone that can never love you."  Easily one of the best written records if not the best of the entire album. Deep and personal!

'Pilot Jones'-  Very reminiscent of something we would expect from Miguel/D'angelo.  Franks vocals ride this beat effortlessly, the record is so smooth and the natural tone of his voice gives it an eerie yet somehow pleasant vibe.  In my opinion it's one the most interesting songs on the album almost whimsical.

'Sweet Life'-  This record has such an amazing ol' school vibe to it.  Frank plays with stacking the vocals and those oooh's  throughout the verses and chorus elevate the natural harmony of the record. Frank even showcases some of his signature riffs and his sometimes barely there falsetto works perfectly into the jazzy-groove of this record. Why see the world when you got the beach?

'Pink Matters'-  ft. Andre 3000 A perfect song to say the least.  The chants behind and between the breaks of his verses are everything.  The lyrical content and smooth haunting vocal allow this song to become a new form of the typical love song we are use to hearing from artist like Trey Songz.  Frank Ocean has a unique way of opening himself up and showcases his raw emotion without over singing just natural real talent.  Easily his best vocal on the album!

'Forest Gump'- The song that broke the news.  Franks initial unveiling about the relationship he once shared with a male lover.  The song reminds me of being young and in love for the first time where all you could do is think of that special person.  Franks sings " my fingertips and my lips are burning, from this cigarette," Your so buff, and so strong."  Definitely a song about someone he loved very dearly, but more importantly beautifully composed.  Love the Forest Gump reference. I hope y'all get it!

'Lost'-  A perfect indie record and such a beautiful change of pace.  This is what I expect Frank to deliver with his interpretation of an up-beat record.  When I listen to this song I feel like laying out in the sun with a cold beer and neither are things I typically do, I guess that's how dope the record is.   The harmonies of his signature ooh's and the way frank layers his vocals blending his deeper tone with his more natural tone is brilliantly done. 

So So Moments

'Pyramids'-  I really have nothing to say about this record.  Its beautifully written and is definitely dope.  There are just records I would rather listen to repeatedly without wasting ten minutes on one record.   

Other Standout Tracks
( Crack Rock, Monks, Super Rich Kids)

Final Thoughts

Channel Orange is a solid album to say the least.  You can either call his sound experimental or signature, but truth is Mr. Ocean has definitely conjured up a solid R&B record that has capabilities of standing the test of time and dare I say become a classic. Not only is Frank an amazing writer, but his innate ability with harmonies and the maturity of his sound is impeccable. 

The Jadon Files Rating: 4/5 Stars

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Music ♫: 'Ice' by Kelly Rowland- (Ft. Lil Wayne)

Following the hit single 'Motivation' Kelly Rowland has once again teamed up with maestro Lil' Wayne for the single "Ice," which will serve as the first release from her yet untitled fourth album.
Well damn Kelly!!  It seems as if you have finally found your voice as a solo artist.  Although the song doesn't stray far from the formula that was Motivations it still packs a heavy punch and is for sure a solid R&B summer record .  Hopefully it has the same impact on the charts if not greater if promoted properly.  

New Music ♫: 'Enough of No Love' by Keyshia Cole - (Ft. Lil Wayne)

Finally Keyshia Cole is back and with a brand new single 'Enough of No Love' ft. Lil Wayne.  The song will serve as the first release from Cole's new album 'Woman to Woman,' which is a follow up to her first chart failing album 'Calling All Hearts.'  

The song is typical Keyshia fashion, but in all honesty its what we've all come to love from the R&B singer over the length of her career. Cole has a way with writing a song that pieces together all of the emotions you want to forget. Here's for hoping Enough helps Keyshia land back on top of her game!!


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