Thursday, November 15, 2012

Album Review- Keyshia Cole// Woman to Woman

It has been  just short of two years since R&B singer Keyshia Cole released her last studio album 'Calling all Hearts,' but the soulful artist has returned with a new record simply titled 'Woman to Woman.'

 Created for the ladies and her die hard fans Woman finally places Keyshia in a lane of her own amongst an industry full of hungry R&B divas. 

The now married mother of one, found herself struggling to balance out her new life with the persona that she had created so many years ago.  Going back to the drawing board and the root of what her fans really enjoyed from her Cole has managed to release a contemporary R&B record full of soulful, yet radio friendly tracks that are true to her artistry.

Standout Tracks

'Enough of No Love'- ft. Lil Wayne- The lead single from the record , Cole expresses her disgust in a relationship full of no love.  Cole's hood-girl attitude takes the record just where it needed to go.  Finally getting back to what her fans love Keyshia gives a small taste of what is to come.  Could have done without Lil Wayne, but I digress!!

'Trust & Believe'- A home run record that proves that Cole is a better vocalist than many give her credit to be.  Trust is a more than solid record, not only does it showcase her husky voice quite effortlessly the lyrics are so relate able to just about everybody out there going through it with a lying cheating- no good for nothing man.  I'm convinced that nobody can sing about heartache-break, or burn better than Keyshia.

'Woman to Woman'- ft. Ashanti-  A beautiful track that Keyshia initially hoped to record with R&B veteran Brandy.  Unfortunately things didn't work out, but I'm not mad at all because Ashanti held her own on the record.  Surprisingly the two compliment each other very well on the record.  Woman is a impressively well written record worthy of being the title track to a solid body of work.

'Wonderland'- ft. Elijah Blake-  A more soul-try side of the R&B diva that we aren't use to hearing.  
Begging for love and passion from one another, Cole and Blake give you sex that isn't too direct rather more sophisticated.   The record delivers on one high note after another..

'I Chose You'-   If you thought Keyshia was sanging before just sit back and relax while she takes you on this vocal roller coaster. With a ode to old school R&B music, this soul-ballad is one blazing number. Keyshia may very well have a quick hit on the Adult Contemporary charts for it is by far one of her most solid records to date.

'Stubborn'-  Boasting one of the most infectious beats from the entire record, stubborn finds Keyshia jumping in and out of her full vocal register to a more delicate and smooth tone.  The bass throughout the record gives it a more hip-hop vibe that allows for crossover appeal, in fact the song could make for a good single. Keyshia still manages to use her husky vocals to the best of their potential no matter the vibe of the record Cole supplies a healthy dose of emotion.

Other Standout Tracks
( Hey Sexy, Next Move, Zero)

Final Thoughts

I've never been one to count Keyshia Cole Gibson out.  Even at her worse she has always managed to put out a solid effort.  Thankfully Woman is perfect in ever way.  Going back to her roots and giving her fans who are still going through the struggle what they want, while managing to showcase a little of her own personal happiness Cole has managed to create an R&B album for every woman and hell some men.  The album is mature, gritty, and possibly timeless..

The Jadon Files Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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